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Supporting the House

We're almost there!

The House is in sight – please help us cover the last leg of the journey! 

This is our second campaign, after last year's successful "Housewarming Fund". Thank you again to all who donated! 

Now, we just need to complete one more round of renovations to the website branding (such as a 3D House on the landing page that visitors can enter through different doors), purchase some tech, get our new projects off the ground (news coming soon!), and solidify our administration and promotion. In addition to seeking donations, arts funding, and in-kind assistance, we’ll be generating income through production services for clients, as well as through the sale of House merch, and Gilles Goyette’s dark, vibrant, whimsical paintings

This time, we're grateful for the assistance and support of White Rose Magazine – an online journal for which Michael Caplan has written a number of pieces. White Rose addresses “the silent majority” to call out extremist and divisive views on all sides. In the process, it looks to inspire a new era of true liberalism and expose disguised illiberalism. The magazine platforms new writers as well as veteran writers who see the void and are willing to be part of bridging differences in society, rather than exacerbating them. They are also reintroducing the idea that aesthetics and liberalism align – that together they have the capacity to elevate and unite, creating a civil society that, in the words of Ahad Ha-Am, has the power to exalt the soul, transcend differences, and honor humanity.

In gratitude for every gift of $100 or more, we'll send you a copy of the 2nd paperback edition of David Earle's A Handbook for Ecstatic Survival as soon as it's printedThe Dance Current called it an “unusual and utterly engaging book … a window to the soul of an extraordinary artist.”

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