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Gilles Goyette
Lost in Light


In development

Lost in Light is a film with an accompanying soundtrack of street noises and ambient audio, recorded from Gilles Goyette’s 2nd-storey apartment window in the heart of Cabbagetown, Toronto. It was created over a period of 14 months. 1,500 photographs were chosen out of 15,000, and first presented as a slideshow installation at Gallery Arcturus (Deborah Harris, Artistic Director) as part of Toronto’s annual, city-wide Contact Festival, and selected by NOW Magazine as a “must-see show.” The film version, in DVD, Blu-ray and online formats, is in development.

Film grammar is built upon the relationship of light and shadow, frozen in the still image; Lost in Light takes the still image, morphing over time, as the smallest unit of meaning from which to generate a larger story. But what exactly is the story? Is there a story? Is this even a film? A camera, anchored in one spot, frames a bit of space (the façade of a grocery store on Parliament Street); people walk in and out of frame – fast moving objects blur beyond recognition – day and night, through all seasons, and all weather conditions.

Lost in Light (excerpt)

Lost in Light (excerpt)

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“In the selection of random images, there are no scenes. No actors. There is no beginning and no end. At least none implied. What is implied is movement, endless in variety, like a cascade of slow drifting clouds: stately, and mysterious.” Gilles Goyette

"Lost in Light" Press Release from Gallery Arcturus
"Lost in Light" Contact Festival program
"Lost in Light" Contact Festival programLight_Contact-prog_1.jpg
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