Gilles Goyette
Lost in Light


In development

Lost in Light is a film with an accompanying soundtrack of street noises and ambient audio, recorded from Gilles Goyette’s 2nd-storey apartment window in the heart of Cabbagetown, Toronto. It was created over a period of 14 months. 1,500 photographs were chosen out of 15,000, and first presented as a slideshow installation at Gallery Arcturus (Deborah Harris, Artistic Director) as part of Toronto’s annual, city-wide Contact Festival, and selected by NOW Magazine as a “must-see show.” The film version, in DVD, Blu-ray and online formats, is in development.

Film grammar is built upon the relationship of light and shadow, frozen in the still image; Lost in Light takes the still image, morphing over time, as the smallest unit of meaning from which to generate a larger story. But what exactly is the story? Is there a story? Is this even a film? A camera, anchored in one spot, frames a bit of space (the façade of a grocery store on Parliament Street); people walk in and out of frame – fast moving objects blur beyond recognition – day and night, through all seasons, and all weather conditions.