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The Suites
Projects by House creators

David Earle "A Handbook for Ecstatic Survival"


2nd printing of A Handbook for Ecstatic Survival

Images and texts by world-renowned Canadian choreographer and teacher, David Earle

Bathroom Monologues 02.jpg


1st Monologue now online

A series of portraits in sound by Gilles Goyette, taken from unscripted monologues recorded in the intimacy of a noise-insulated bathroom



Preview online

A NOW Magazine “Must See” of the Toronto Contact Festival!

Film by Gilles Goyette, with his original score

Dionysus 2.jpg


In development

A serialized apartment-performance by Michael R Caplan using Euripides’ tragedy and original “Unsung Songs,” streamed live

Nell Coleman puppet 1.JPG


In development

A “Tempest” in a Box, with Instructions – out of which the performance is “unpacked” live by small, gently-rehearsed groups – devised by House of ShAkE

MRC-bio_2012_ Drawing_cropped_(MAC).png


Suite 2

Porch Songs

Michael Caplan’s downhome music – classic country, folk, blues, standards – from the Porch of ShAkE and other porches around town and beyond



Inquire about pricing

Four galleries of original works by Gilles Goyette: The Conceptual Works, My Life in 23 Paintings, Journal Pages and Notebooks, and Paintings

St Gilles and the Hind.jpg


In development

The first House of ShAkE commission!

An original dance work by David Earle,

to a score by Gilles Goyette

One Full Revolution LOW1.jpg


In development

Theorizing and discussing "meaning, now" – by Michael R Caplan, author of numerous papers and an essay for an upcoming book

Schoenberg self-portrait.jpg


July 24: 2nd annual event

Livestreamed dramatic reading by Michael R Caplan, an annual commemoration of the composer’s 1933 “Re-entry into the Community of Israel” 

Sound Paintings image - Korg.jpg


1st four now online

Gilles Goyette paints in sound, as well as in oils. The Dora Mavor Moore Award-nominated composer for contemporary dance



In development

Subtitled Why Boxing Can Tell Us More About Who We Are Than Any Other Human Activity on the Planet – by celebrated dancer Bill Coleman

The Tempest 1st Folio page 5 CORNER.jpg


Suite 13


In development

A  theatre-in-education and literacy resource exploring works by “zooming in” on single pages, devised by House of ShAkE

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