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Gilles Goyette
Sound Paintings


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An archive of audio recordings from 1995 to the present, documenting Gilles Goyette’s creative journey, active experimentation, and intense preoccupation with sound synthesis, recording, and manipulation. “Sound paintings” are just what the term implies: permanent objects – compositions made of sounds drawn from a variety of sources, natural and artificial. Sound painting is, phenomenologically speaking, only distantly related to music. Music builds dynamic tension in the succession of discrete tones (intervals) to create a hierarchical scale (tonality), with certain tones pointing more strongly toward or away from others (harmony, dissonance). Sound paintings are only quasi-musical, relying mostly on qualities of timbral colour and spatial distribution of sound to create feelings of tension and resolution which have nothing to do with musical theory.


“Sound painting is a truly hybrid medium, in that the ear is asked to think like an eye.” Gilles Goyette


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