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Gilles Goyette
The Conceptual Works

"These pieces were not created as the result of a spontaneous artistic impulse (the need to paint, or compose, or write) but as the unavoidable outcome of grappling with certain issues relating to time, 'inner necessity,' (Kandinsky) and my place in the world.


For me 'conceptual' is a last resort. I don’t like to think about what I am doing, until long after it’s been done. However, art, for me, is so often created in the heat of the moment, that while I am doing it, I can’t know what it is. I may have a hint, but nothing more than that.


In the case of 'The Documents,' the idea, which grew out of journal writing, was simply to see how many words I could fit on one piece of paper, and also how small I could make my handwriting. To emphasize this point, I chose a very large piece of paper.


'Lucy' is a life-size replica of the fossil remnants of one of our earliest hominid ancestors, Australopithecus afarensis, estimated at 3 and a half million years old. Lucy, like Eve, is an anachronism, a chronological mistake. Unlike Eve she was never expelled from paradise, and never experienced the fall from grace." Gilles Goyette

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