In the Salon of ShAkE

I want to thank those who joined me for Schoenberg’s Return. In the end, it was relaxed, intimate, and for me kind of perfect because it brought together people from my different “worlds” – a cousin, a few dear friends. And it was a very powerful personal experience, one that achieved its aim: to recall and for me to repeat, in my own secular and aesthetic way, Schoenberg’s gesture.

Here’s the recording. An edited version will follow, but for now the whole XXXXX minutes are here, including the chat at the end. If you’d like a PDF of the text, made up of a collage of Schoenberg’s writings, please let me know.


This was my first Salon of ShAkE event, and there were some minor issues, in particular the audio of very short musical fragments. (My first series of Porch Songs had some much rockier moments at the beginning!) These will be resolved in future presentations.

Schoenberg's Return