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Michael R. Caplan
One Full Revolution
Meaning, Now

In development

“One full revolution” – does that mean going once around, then returning to the beginning? Or does it mean the complete overturning of things, a truly fresh start? Does it refer to some eternal recurrence, like the cycling of the planets? Or does it announce the inauguration of an entirely new order?


If we, global inhabitants of the 21st century, are indeed the children of revolutions – French and American and Russian, Scientific and Industrial and digital – are we at the apex of our achievements? Has the “arc of history” bent toward justice? Or are we at the nadir, trapped in meaninglessness and nihilism? Or maybe all we can look forward to is being whirled about?

Michael Caplan, "Untitled".jpg

Michael Caplan, “Untitled,” chalk pastel on paper

Rather than circle viciously, like the senseless repetitions of neurosis, or destroy relentlessly, like the Terror that comes with most political revolutions, can we learn to circle thoroughgoingly with our thinking? What does “revolution” really mean

This House of ShAkE project involves original writings by Michael Caplan (some previously presented at conferences), readings of related texts, and online discussions. It suggests that perhaps meaning can be approached differently, and truth itself reaffirmed, not in spite of modern/postmodern challenges, but through them – through them to the other side, thanks to this revolutionary moment of ours and to our own revolutionary movement

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