Welcome to Michael Caplan’s House of ShAkE


Renaissance Man of the House

  • a production house & publishing house, home-away-from-home for writers & creators, home-base for my own work

  • a “public house” where we can gather to entertain ideas & each other – a physical, virtual & conceptual meeting place

  • a brand with a House style that crosses conventional target-markets, audiences, forms & genres, that celebrates individual vision as well as what we hold in common

  • a resource, hub & platform for disseminating extraordinary discoveries & communicating between worlds

  • my company, as in a corporate entity but also troupe of players – theatrical & musical – and you, my guests

  • a “safe space” for shaking things up

House of ShAkE represents a lifelong dream – one that began in childhood and stayed with me through more than four decades of working in theatre, music, writing, design and publishing. I’m Michael R. Caplan, architect and Renaissance Man of the House, and your host.

House of ShAkE works in:

The company

  • produces projects by individuals;

  • co-produces & collaborates with individuals & organizations;

  • initiates projects in-House;

  • provides a venue for small-scale events – in my own space for now, & eventually in a dedicated bricks-and-mortar venue for performances, gatherings, exhibitions & product sales.

A phrase once came to me, and it stuck in my mind – like the idea of a public “house” at a crossroads of different worlds – though I didn’t know what to make of it at first: Something solid made of openings, a structure made of doors.

Well, here it is: a house made of doors, opening into ...

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